About the Authors

Knut Kitching
Alpine breakfast: Wasa crackers and smelly fish
Favourite style: superfluous heal hooking
Secret passion: heal hooking, skinnin’ Grizz
Hardest send: does jugging behind a rope gun count?
Objectives: Masters degree, Baffin, Alaska, Pakistan, Torre Traverse, Gharwal Himalaya….in that order…

Instagram: @knut_kitching

Skyler Des Roches
Alpine breakfast: squished croissants
Favourite style: flailing and whaling
Secret passion: type fonts (sorry about this one)
Hardest send: n/a (always falls)
Objectives: Mt Robson, North Face; Huantsan; Hallam Peak; Mt Churchill; Chehalis shenanigans; Pakistan; living the good life; owning a van; cycling the spine of the Andes; some other things he won’t talk about, all of which are in the Coast Range.

Instagram: @skylerdesroches

Give is a shout if you have a question:

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