Ride. Camp. Repeat. – a bikepacking video

I met Dan in Chile, this past February. It came up in conversation that we were both interested in learning about videography. Fast forward several months, he’d finished off his ride from Mexico to Ushuaia, Argentina – the end of a chapter, but also the conclusion to a entire volume. A native to Halifax, he decided to return to Canada – this time to the West Coast – to try this video thing and figure out why there’s no exodus from British Columbia, like in the Canada he knew.

So three of us – Dan, Knut and I – tried this video thing. We stayed close to home for what was surely to be a massive faff (it was), and headed off on a rainy weekend to the Sunshine Coast. The result was meant to be a skill set, not necessarily a great edit. At that we succeeded: we learned a lot.

We learned it’s possible to make something of relatively high visual quality with my Panasonic GX7 camera. We borrowed a Zoom field recorder, and as functional as that piece might be, it was undoubtedly a limiting factor to our video quality. Decent sound equipment isn’t something any of us will be able to afford anytime soon. Our budget for this video, not including my camera and items we borrowed, was $65 and the cost of a ferry ride. Spending ten times more on sound equipment would only bring marginal improvements, so until we can spend twenty times more we’ll have to abide by my favourite¬†mantra “if you’re not satisfied, lower your standards”. Or maybe that other favourite: “good enough is good enough”.

So here it is: our first foray into bikepacking cinema. May there be more.

A big thanks to BIKEPACKING.com for hosting/supporting our video endeavours.

4 thoughts on “Ride. Camp. Repeat. – a bikepacking video

  1. Nothing wrong with the sound to my ears, and it was “good enough” to pull me out of a Sunday funk so I’d say mission accomplished!

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